bacon-from-acornsThis week, Christendom College philosophy professor Dr. John Cuddeback announced a new website and blog dedicated to his philosophy of family and household. The site features a brief mini-course on household according to Aristotle, as well as a blog that will feature a weekly reflection on household stewardship.

“I hope that the works of great philosophers—my study has focused on ancient thinkers—can provide helpful insights into the challenges of running or simply living in a household today,” Cuddeback says.

The website, which is called Bacon from Acorns, is dedicated to mining the works of great thinkers for assistance in a project of discovery and stewardship.

“It is intended to be for all households—urban, suburban, or rural,” Cuddeback says. “While most ancient writers focused on the rural context, it is my hope and conviction that their reflections can be applied fruitfully to any household.”

Why is the site called Bacon from Acorns? Visit the site and find out for yourself: johncuddeback.com.

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