videoTomorrow’s Leaders. Here Today. This has been Christendom College’s advertising slogan for the past two years, and now, with the release of the new video entitled, “Tomorrow’s Leaders. Here Today,” prospective students, donors, and friends can now learn more about how Christendom is preparing its students to be the leaders in tomorrow’s world.

Produced internally by the college’s marketing office, this short video gives viewers an insight into the high quality of the nature and character of Christendom students, and lays out many of the extra-curricular opportunities that Christendom students have to broaden their horizons, develop leadership skills, take part in service-oriented activities, and prepare for the work world post graduation.

“There are many studies and surveys that explain the advantages of a liberal arts education in getting ahead in life,” says admissions and marketing director Tom McFadden. “But Christendom’s liberal arts education goes a step further. We add the beauty of the Catholic Faith, along with a focus on changing the culture, to our rigorous academic program. And this is a win-win situation for everyone involved!”

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