students_3479-BKiplinger magazine released its “Best Values in Private Colleges Under $20K” listing this week. Christendom College was ranked sixth in the nation, behind such well known institutions as Amherst College, Brigham Young University, and Yale, and ahead of Harvard and Thomas Aquinas College.

According to Kiplinger’s website, the purpose of this “top ten” list is to highlight those schools whose actual cost, the net price, is below $20,000 a year. Most colleges have a higher sticker price, but when all the financial aid awards are calculated, quite often, student end up paying about half the sticker price.

“These ten schools from our annual rankings of the best private college values do better than typical. Although the majority of them have high sticker prices (at three schools, the sticker price approaches $60,000), each has a net price of less than $17,000 for most students after need-based aid is figured in. Students who borrow from these schools walk away with less—often much less—than the average student debt of about $27,000,” the website says.

Christendom’s total sticker price is $31,000 with the average need-based aid being $15,192. The average net cost for students is $16,458 a year.

Click here to find out more at Kiplinger.com.

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