conservative_8983Christendom College is ranked as one of the 20 best conservative colleges in America in a new report by TheBestSchools.org. The report ranks the schools that not only maintain rigorous academic standards, but also inspire in students the moral character, civic virtues, and fiscal responsibility typically associated with conservatism.

“Conservative colleges provide an important counterbalance to the progressivism and liberalism that pervade so much of American higher education,” the report states. “For students raised with traditional moral values, who favor limited government, who adhere to free-market economic principles, entering the world of higher education is too often an alienating experience.”

The report also singled out Christendom as one of the few schools that refuse to accept any federal funding whatsoever, enabling it to maintain intellectual and administrative independence.

Wayne Downs, the managing editor of TheBestSchools.org, said that Christendom was selected based on its reputation for academic excellence, course offerings, accomplishment of faculty, and, most importantly, its reputation as an institution friendly to conservative values.

Christendom was also recently ranked in an exclusive list of the top 10 private liberal arts colleges in the Southeast/Mid-South region by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, and is annually ranked as a top conservative college by the Young America’s Foundation.

For more information about the ranking click here.

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