strasburg_interns This summer, three political science students from Christendom College are enjoying local internships studying the historic buildings of Strasburg, Va. Rising-seniors Mike Heffernan, Dave Smith, and Luis Adan began their program study last month where they will compile data on the town’s historic district with Marcy McCann, a member of the town’s Architectural Review Board.

In a story that appeared in the Northern Virginia Daily, the students are described as helping the town and gaining experience through their research and through interactions with town officials. They will also earn six course credits through the college’s Politics Practica Internship Program

Read the complete story here.

The student-interns have filed photos and documents as well conducted field studies to discover the physical changes to historic buildings around the town.

“I think it will be a good experience,” Heffernan said.

Find out more about Christendom College’s Politics Practica Program here.

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