Valedictorian Christian Rocha

On August 2, the Christendom Graduate School held its 2014 Hooding and Commencement Ceremonies awarding nine Master of Arts in Theological Studies. College Chaplain Fr. Stephen McGraw, along with graduates Fr. Paul Nguyen and Fr. Andrew Luong, celebrated Mass before the ceremony, which was held in Christ the King Chapel.

During the ceremony, each graduate received the academic hood, signifying his or her Masters degree, from Graduate School Dean Dr. Kristin Burns, and then received his or her diploma from College Executive Vice President Mr. Ken Ferguson.

Graduate Christian Rocha gave the valedictory address.

“Even though we are graduating today, let us always remember that God continues to teach us, and we must continue to learn from Him,” he said. “The conferral of this degree commences our responsibility as teachers, and in particular, teachers of theology… [And] we have the example of the many great teachers who taught us throughout this master’s program.”

Rocha explained that what made the teachers at the Graduate School such great examples was their fidelity to the Magisterium and their ability to share the knowledge that hey had received from God through Christ’s body, the Church.

Concluding, he implored his fellow graduates to: “stay close to God, foster your relationship with Him, listen to His voice, which is spoken by the Church, and let our Lord teach through you.” [Click here to read his entire speech.]

The nine Master of Arts degrees were conferred on Elaine Drapeau, Gretchen Ladd, Fr. Andrew Phu Vinh Luong, Melissa Maleski, David Miller, Sr. Christen Thanh Nguyen, Sr. Maria Theresa Kim-Hong Nguyen, Fr. Paul Quang Van Nguyen, and Christian Rocha.

Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diplomas were awarded to Fr. Luong and Fr. Nguyen. Both priests plan to return to their country of origin, Vietnam, where they will lead their diocesan catechetical and evangelism efforts, as well as teach in their diocesan seminaries. Other graduates will serve in religious order formation, adult religious education, and catechetical publishing and editing.

For more information about the Christendom Graduate School’s faithful, flexible, and affordable education, please visit christendom.edu/graduate.

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