twins_0015A new dynamic duo has broken onto the Christendom athletics scene. Freshmen and identical twin sisters, Dylan and Bryn Burgess, have joined forces this year to play soccer and basketball for the Lady Crusaders.

The girls, who are from Nokesville, Va., and attended Seton High School in Manassas, first fell in love with Christendom after attending its popular Experience Christendom Summer Program. Despite receiving attention from larger universities, including some Division II schools, the Burgess twins ultimately decided that they wanted to attend Christendom.

They liked the opportunities that the college offered for them to excel both as scholars and athletes. Not only that, but Christendom’s athletic program allows the twins to play two sports during the year, something that’s not usually possible at larger universities.

“We never entertained or followed up on any other colleges because we knew we wanted to be at Christendom,” says Dylan.  “We chose Christendom College so we could continue to play multiple sports.”
Bryn agrees. “I chose Christendom for many reasons; mostly because I wanted to go a Catholic school, and I liked the size of the school, and here I have the opportunity to play both basketball and soccer, whereas at a larger school I would not get the chance,” she adds.

Both Dylan and Bryn have achieved outstanding success in their athletic endeavors prior to Christendom. Bryn made first team all conference for her high school’s league in basketball and soccer.  Dylan made First Team All-State her junior year and First Team DAC sophomore, junior, and senior years in soccer. On the basketball court, Dylan earned a place on First Team DAC junior and senior years. Both girls landed a spot on the NCAA National Recruitment List.

twin_0033Right now, the sisters are making their mark out on the soccer field, with Bryn playing midfield and Dylan forward. In the Lady Crusaders’ first game of the season against Mary Baldwin College, both Bryn and Dylan scored goals that contributed to a 5-1 victory for Christendom.

Since then, they’ve played an important role in holding the Lady Crusaders’ strong record this season. And in the spring, the Burgesses will play basketball for the Lady Crusaders, with Dylan as forward/post and Bryn as guard.

Bryn and Dylan are happy with their choice of college and have found that besides a strong athletic program, Christendom has much to offer. In fact, they both came to Christendom because they recognized the unique aspects of the school that no larger institution can replace. In particular, both girls appreciate Christendom’s emphasis on forming athletes who are also strong scholars. They say that the focus on academics first has not hindered, but actually helped their success in athletics.

“I think that Christendom offers student athletes many things that larger schools do not. For one, school is always put first here, because getting a great education is ultimately more important than winning a game,” says Bryn.

Bryn and Dylan appreciate the balance that Christendom offers its athletes. Besides the college’s vibrant academic atmosphere, the strong community and faith life has been a real help to the twins on and off the field.

“The academic and spiritual life is integral to being a good athlete,” Dylan explains. “These are difficult years and staying close to the sacraments, having a rigorous academic schedule, and participating in athletics keeps me focused on what is important.  Christendom gives me the opportunity to be the Catholic student and athlete that I want to be.”

Bryn loves how the team as a whole is encouraged not only to excel athletically, but also to grow closer to Christ.

“As an athlete it is really easy to put sports ahead of school and your spiritual life, but Christendom makes it easy to grow spiritually, academically, and also athletically. Every week we have a team Mass and we go to Holy Hour as a team,” she says.

The twins have started off the year well, and Crusaders fans can expect many more good things to come from these talented siblings.

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