mission_6233aPreparation for Christendom’s ever-popular mission trips is well underway. The College Mission Program will host five spring break mission trips in 2015 to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and the Bronx, New York City.

Mission Trip Coordinator and philosophy professor Mike Brown and Assistant Coordinator Julie Cipriano were thrilled by the enthusiastic response to the trips last year, which saw 25% of the student body participate in a mission trip.

“That number is unheard of on most college campuses, and it speaks volumes about the character and generosity of Christendom College students,” says Cipriano. “Mike Brown and I would love to see that number hit 30% this year, because we believe that attending one of these trips is a life-changing experience, that no Christendom student should miss. It is our hope that our team effort, which is new this school year, will soon make our Mission Program the best in the nation.”

The first step to making this possible is by producing the necessary funds to send students to these mission locations. Participants raise the money themselves, but the Mission Program does all it can to help cover the cost. This year, Brown and Cipriano hope to raise $150,000 for the Christendom Mission Program.

Besides helping the participants of fall and spring break mission trips, this fund raising effort will assist in the establishment of an exciting new summer mission program.  Students and recent Christendom graduates will have the opportunity to serve for two months during the summer at a mission and get a real taste of the missionary lifestyle.

“This expanded program will enable students and recent grads to immerse themselves in the missionary life for two months of the summer,” explains Cipriano. “We are looking into possible destinations now, and plan to put together a solid, exciting and rewarding experience for any students who wish to commit themselves to a summer of service to Christ in the poor.”

DSC_0700_2The mission trip week brought many unexpected blessings for sophomore Lindsay Harman.

“Going to the Dominican Republic was an incredibly eye opening experience for our entire group,” she says.  “It was so beautiful to see these people who lived in such extreme poverty to have such joy. I know I went in thinking that I would be giving something to the residents of Hato Viejo, but I think, in the end, they gave me so much more.”

Senior Nancy Feuerborn had a similar experience.

“My mission trip to Guatemala impacted me so much.  I will never have the same perspective on my life as I did before my trip,” she says. “It is an experience I wish everyone could have at least once in their lives.”

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