JournalismTen alumni and a current student of Christendom College have had articles published by news agencies within the past week, revealing the strong writing and communication skills a liberal arts degree can provide. While some members of academia still suggest that a liberal arts degree is useless in the 21st century, the publishing of these articles proves that it can provide students with the skills to succeed after graduation.

“Employers are always looking for people who can communicate clearly and intelligently to represent their organizations—not just mindless drones, adept at only performing simple tasks,” says director of career and leadership development Greg Monroe. “We want our graduates to be able to find successful jobs after leaving here. That’s why Christendom’s focus on helping students attain an affinity for strong writing and communication skills is both unique and crucial to achieving this goal.”

Alumni Liz Beller, Tom Cole, Caitlin Marchand, Br. John Mark Solitario, Matt Hadro, Peter Jesserer Smith, Charlie Spiering, T. Becket Adams, Emily Molitor, John Clark, and current student Rachel Hoover wrote on a variety of topics in their respective articles, finding publication in news agencies such as The Washington Examiner, Breitbart News, The National Catholic Register, and Seton Magazine. With topics ranging from political pieces, to religious articles, to arguments about copyright laws, these articles prove the value of a liberal arts education, which fully forms a student’s intellect, as opposed to the limitations of a specialized degree.

Christendom College has provided one of the most rigorous liberal arts educations in the United States since its founding in 1977, helping students achieve the writing and communication skills necessary to thrive in a journalistic environment. The scholarly works of current and past Christendom students are in high demand, with alumni such as Charlie Spiering and Peter Jesserer Smith now working as full-time journalists for Breitbart News and The National Catholic Register respectively.

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