liberalartsIn a recent article in Forbes, Roberta Matuson, known globally as the “Talent Maximizer”, comes to a very eye-opening conclusion: studying the liberal arts is not a waste of time, but is actually the solution to today’s problems in the workplace.

“They are experiencing a life that many of us envy,” she writes about today’s youth, many of whom she believes will earn liberal arts degrees. “I can’t imagine they’ll be willing to give this up in exchange for a title or a conventional paycheck. I believe the workplace will become more interesting and truly more multicultural, once these young adults arrive.”

She continues to explain that although there is so much technology at our fingertips, and we seem to have so many ways of connecting with and engaging our customers, we tend to fail quite often. But she sees the liberal arts educated employee as a change-agent in this regard.

“That’s about to change. Students, who have pursued a liberal arts degree, have history on their side. They have a better sense of how the world operates than most. They’ll use this knowledge to make more fulfilling connections with those they serve.”

And finally, she believes that these young adults will bring much-needed love of life and happiness to the joy-less workplace.

“Their love of learning and their desire to compete on their own terms will be contagious and will impact everyone they encounter.”

Read the whole article.

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