pp-coverThe Past as Pilgrimage: Narrative, Tradition & the Renewal of Catholic History, a new book written by Christendom history professor Dr. Christopher Shannon and former professor Dr. Christopher Blum, professor and academic dean at the Augustine Institute, is finding great success both in sales and in media recognition, with three separate publications featuring stories on it within the past week. The work, published by Christendom Press, challenges the secular bias currently prevalent among professional historians, and argues for the compatibility of faith and reason in the study of the past.

“Christian academic historians really should love it, because it suggests important ways in which they can renew their craft through their own life of faith, while actually enhancing the sensitivity and objectivity upon which modern secular historians rightly insist, but which too many of them—radically divorced from truth and highly prejudiced—honor only in the breach,” said Dr. Jeff Mirus, founder and president of Trinity Communications, concerning the book. “If you are an historian by trade, you must (I choose this word advisedly) read Shannon and Blum.”

Mirus was not alone in praising the book as an excellent source for anyone seeking to grasp a more cosmic view of history from a Christian perspective. EWTN’s Matt Swaim, of the Sonrise Morning Show, recently conducted an interview with Blum about the book as well.

Franklin Rausch, assistant Professor of History at Lander University, also gave the book a warm review on the website New Books in Christian Studies, stating that, “Shannon and Blum have provided a fascinating meditation on the historian’s craft that anyone, Catholic or not, can read and grow from.”

The Past as Pilgrimage seeks to foster a conversation about the ways in which Catholic historians can integrate their faith traditions into their professional work while still remaining open to and engaged with the best of contemporary, non-Catholic thinking and writing about history. For more information or to order the book, visit christendompress.com.

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