miriam Christendom College alumna Sister Miriam Esther (Lorraine Podlinesk) ‘05 and the order of religious sisters she is in, the Benedictines of Mary, returned to the top of the Billboard Classical Music charts this month with their latest hit, Easter at Ephesus. A collection of classical chants and hymns celebrating the essence of Easter, Easter at Ephesus marks the third consecutive #1 debut on Billboard’s Classical Albums chart for Sister Miriam and the Benedictines of Mary.

Easter at Ephesus is enjoying success, not only on the Billboard charts, but on iTunes and Amazon as well, reaching #1 on both of their classical music charts. Beating out the likes of commercial classical favorites Lindsey Stirling, Andrea Bocelli, and 2Cellos, the Benedictines of Mary have garnered a surprising amount of success in their musical careers, especially considering that they are a young, contemplative order of sisters living a rustic monastic life.

When asked about her order’s success by the Cardinal Newman Society, Sister Miriam said, “there is a natural hunger in the human person for beauty, truth and goodness. In traditional philosophy, those are known as transcendentals. It’s a complicated term, but we can see here on a very basic level how they can transcend cultural boundaries to stir the heart and captivate the mind.”

With a PBS special on the sisters debuting this month, Sister Miriam and the Benedictines of Mary show no sign of slowing down in their growing popularity. To purchase Easter at Ephesus, please visit here.

While Christendom College may not have a fine arts department, it is still rich in a fine arts tradition, celebrating the Divine Liturgy with all due splendor daily, thanks in part to the Christendom Choir and Schola Gregoriana. To find out more about Christendom’s fine arts offerings, please visit here.

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