lifeontap-alumniIn a joint venture organized by the alumni affairs and career development offices, the Christendom community celebrated the birthday of the college’s late founder, Dr. Warren H. Carroll, on Tuesday, March 24.

Numerous students poured in and out during the evening, packing St. Kilian’s Café with over fifty students and faculty members, and over thirty alumni at any given time.

Among the speakers for the night was Christendom professor emeritus, former vice president of academic affairs, Dr. Robert C. Rice.  Rice spoke briefly about his own conversion story, before turning to the early days of Christendom.  He related several, miraculous instances where the college received large, unpayable amounts of debt, but then received a timely donation of just the right amount of money to pay it off.  When Rice first came to Christendom, and met Dr. Carroll and the students, he was immediately impressed.

“I had never seen such piety anywhere, even after going on many retreats.  The earnestness for wisdom, too, was exceptional.  This was not just a show; I could tell that this was simply the life of Christendom College,” Rice said.

“It was inspiring to hear people talk about Dr. Carroll, and to see someone invest so much time in making this college a reality.  My love and appreciation for the school has definitely grown tonight,” sophomore Hannah Gordon said. Senior Brigid Coyne, who transferred to Christendom in her junior year, relished the opportunity to “hear about the man who wrote Christendom’s history curriculum.”

“He sounds as lively in person as he does in the textbooks,” she said.

“It was clear, from the public tributes to Dr. Carroll and from the private conversations among the alumni gathered for this event, that Dr. Carroll was a simple and humble instrument, used by God to found this particular College at this particular time in history,” said Vince Criste, assistant director of alumni & donor relations. “He is the embodiment of his own famous phrase ‘one man can make a difference’, and the one thing alumni can pass on to future generations of students is the passionate love that Dr. Carroll had for the Church, for history and for a good story.”

The college’s career and leadership development director, Greg Monroe, was pleased to see the event go so well.

“This is a great opportunity for the alumni to share stories about Dr. Carroll with the underclassmen who never got the chance to know him.  It’s also a great way to celebrate his legacy and the camaraderie that his college has produced.”

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