chesterA group of Christendom College students launched a new scholarly journal this past week, titled The Chester-Belloc Review. Organized by the campus’ titular Chester-Belloc Debate Society, the semesterly journal presents papers and essays written by current students, giving interested readers an opportunity to experience the high quality of writing and depth of thought that is a common trait amongst Christendom students.

“The Review showcases the academic excellence that Christendom promotes in all of its pursuits, proving that the students here can write on a broad range of topics, and do so very well,” says editor-in-chief, and current junior, Sean Shanahan.

Covering subjects from historiography to author G.K Chesterton’s effects on modernity, the academic journal features essays from students from all the classes — proof that academic excellence begins right from the start of a Christendom education. The editors chose essays from a selection of papers receiving a grade of B+ or higher.

“The journal serves a two-fold purpose: it inspires students to step up their own writing game, for one thing, in order to make it into the Review. This creates a sense of friendly academic competition, which should have a positive effect throughout every student’s studies here,” says Shanahan. “Furthermore, since we publish in the common humanities academic format, it will give students good practice for publishing works if they want to keep doing so after college.”

While the Review is currently released only once a semester, Shanahan hopes to expand that number in the future. Copies of the Review for reading can be found at St. John the Evangelist Library.

Submissions are currently being accepted for the next issue of the Chester-Belloc Review, and any interested students are encouraged to submit their papers as soon as possible to Shanahan at thechesterbellocreview@gmail.com.

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