gymThe weight and fitness rooms in Crusader Gymnasium recently received a facelift, giving the college community the opportunity to stay healthy and maintain an active lifestyle.

“Crusader Gymnasium is one of the busiest social hubs on our campus,” says Athletic Director Josh Petersen. “My department has received a lot of positive feedback about the new athletic equipment and updates from faculty, staff, and students.”

The college began a refurbishment of the gym’s weight and fitness rooms this past winter, replacing aged free weights and exercise machines with all-new, commercial-grade equipment for use by the entire college community.

The 20,000 square foot Crusader Gymnasium is home to the Crusader volleyball and basketball teams, as well as the college’s intramural sports. Even more important, it is home to students, faculty and staff as a place to exercise and train. This new weight and fitness equipment also enables Crusader athletes to prepare and develop physically for their specific sport. While Christendom’s old weight room served students well for many years, providing essential equipment to those seeking to exercise and develop athletically, most of the equipment was donated to the college in the early 2000s, making a refurbishment and remodeling necessary.

gym-2The fitness room is now equipped with 5 brand new treadmills, featuring cycle technology along with heart rate, calorie burn, and pace monitoring. It also features two new exercise bikes, as well as yoga mats, medicine balls, and lighter free weights for circuit training and cardio exercise.

The weight room is fully equipped with new, top-of-the-line equipment, including free weights, bumper plates, bench and curling bars, bench areas, chairs, squat wracks, pull-up bars, multipurpose stations, and a leg press. The new rubber flooring and padded siding of the weight room absorbs heavy weight as well, and allows for squatting, deadlifting and powerlifting use.

The advancements to the fitness and weight rooms has doubled the number of regular users and increased the athletic energy at Crusader Gymnasium. With new Christendom Crusader logos stamping the walls of the remodeled rooms, the fitness and weight rooms mark another progressive stamp for Christendom Athletics.

The remodeling and refurbishing of Crusader Gymnasium continues the long-range initiatives set forth by the athletic department, such as the reintroduction of women’s softball this spring. In addition, men’s and women’s cross-country teams will be coming to the college this fall, making Christendom even more of a competitive threat in collegiate sports.

For more information, please visit www.christendomathletics.com.

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