principlesPrinciples, Christendom College’s new scholarly publication, hits mailboxes this week, offering readers a new opportunity to learn about contemporary issues through the lens of John Henry Newman’s “philosophical habit of mind.” A free, bimonthly periodical, Principles brings together the best minds in academia in each issue, writing accessible essays where readers will see the issues that matter today in a new light.

Seeking to employ Christendom College’s educational model for the renewal of the temporal order, Principles offers a unique, scholarly perspective lacking in contemporary thinking today: one that, like Christendom, embraces John Henry Newman’s vision of a liberal education that disciplines the intellect and thus forms good members of society, who will bring sound principles to their personal, professional, and civic endeavors.

“Leaders and laymen are looking for guidance in today’s unstable social and economic environment. Many turn to utilitarian thinking and question the usefulness of liberal education. With Principles, we’re offering a deeper perspective that comes from the formation that the liberal arts gives to our students,” says Christopher Lane, assistant professor of history at Christendom College, and the editor-in-chief of Principles.

The inaugural issue, which hits mailboxes Monday, May 4, features an essay by Robert Louis Wilken, Professor Emeritus of the History of Christianity at the University of Virginia. This piece focuses on how to build a Christian culture amidst today’s crisis in learning, by looking at how educators preserved and relied on a traditional liberal arts education after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West.

Lane believes that the clarity offered by Principles will offer a stark contrast to the contemporary opinion pieces of the modern news media.

“Newman often spoke about something he called ’viewiness’, which he described as a tendency to express an opinion at a moment’s notice without adequate thought or consideration. Our 24-7 news and opinion cycle is glutted with this ’viewiness’; we seek to counteract that in Principles, through writing that comes from a properly trained philosophical habit of mind,” says Lane.

Principles will be released from Christendom College every two months, focusing on the contemporary topics that matter to today’s readers.

To subscribe for Principles, or to find out more about this new publication from Christendom, please visit www.getprinciples.com.

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