tod-radio-showChristendom College president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell recently appeared on Spirit Mornings radio show, addressing the important topic of how to live as a domestic Church in the modern era. O’Donnell, a renowned theologian and historian, spoke on the need to rebuild families as the cornerstone of society, especially in light of the New Evangelization.

When asked what it means to be a domestic Church by co-host Jen Brown, O’Donnell replied that “Popes John Paul, Benedict, and now Francis have all spoken of the Church as the family of God, and it’s really in the family, as the cell of society, that we manifest ourselves as the family of God and live it out. We’re meant to be, as a family, a Church in miniature.”

With the notion of what it means to be a family being debated in society today, the need for the family to be rebuilt as a domestic Church is needed now, more than ever, according to O’Donnell.

“The family, in sacramental grace…is a school of Christian virtue. We have to communicate to the world how important this is,” he said.

O’Donnell, a consulter for the Pontifical Council on the Family, went on to stress the importance of each family member’s role in society, especially that of the child as the focal point of the family — something that much of society has forgotten.

“By doing so, the kingly and prophetic roles of parents become theirs again within this sanctuary of the domestic Church, which exists as an extension of the parish.”

With these changes to how a family functions and how society perceives it, O’Donnell believes that many of the problems plaguing society today can be reversed.

O’Donnell will be going into more detail on this topic at this year’s World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia on September 23, where he will speak in a breakout session entitled “Rebuild My Church and Start from the Foundation: Living as ‘Domestic Church.” When he arrives in Philadelphia, O’Donnell will be speaking on this topic with other co-panelists, touching upon the theme of this year’s World Meeting of the Families: “Love is the Mission: The Family Fully Alive.”

For more details on how you can hear O’Donnell’s talk at the World Meeting of the Families, which will conclude with Pope Francis’ first papal visit to the United States, please visit here.

To listen to O’Donnell’s complete appearance on Spirit Mornings radio show, please click here.

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