cuddeback-setpnChristendom College’s Dr. John Cuddeback will be the commencement speaker for Seton School’s 2015 graduation ceremonies on Monday, June 1, at 7:30 p.m. at All Saints Church in Manassas, Va. Seton School, founded by Anne Carroll, wife of Christendom founder Dr. Warren Carroll, will graduate sixty high school students at the ceremony — eleven of whom will be attending Christendom this fall.

Celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year, Seton School has a long history of sending its students to Christendom following graduation. This year’s class will send eleven to the college, including Seton’s Class of 2015 salutatorian Nathaniel Reyes, one of this Christendom’s two Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship winners from this year.

Reyes intends on pursuing aerospace engineering after attending Christendom, but believes that the liberal arts education he is receiving will help him to excel better than his peers.

“By studying the liberal arts at Christendom, I will learn critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and public speaking skills. These are talents that would be much harder to develop by only studying math and science courses in college. I will be able to apply such skills to an engineering career, and even if I choose to pursue a different career, these skills will be indispensable,” he says.

Dr. John Cuddeback, an alumnus of Christendom College, received his Ph.D. in philosophy from The Catholic University of America in 1997. He is a popular writer and lecturer on various topics including virtue, culture, natural law, contemplation, and friendship. He recently co-authored Nature’s Beautiful Order: An Introduction to the Study of Animals Taught by the Classical Naturalists, a natural history textbook for middle to high school students that examines the history of animals through the lens of classical naturalists.

For more information on Seton School’s 2015 Graduation Ceremonies, please click here.

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