gorman-1Countless generous donors have blessed Christendom College over the years, giving of themselves philanthropically and leaving a legacy in the process. Daniel Gorman, a faithful benefactor to the college and a member of the Board of Directors, is one such donor, giving selflessly to Christendom for many years due to his belief in its mission and his love of the student body.

Before finding Christendom College, Gorman was very depressed by the state of Catholic education and its decreasing emphasis on the Catholic Faith. After attending Christendom’s study abroad program in Ireland, and then visiting the campus, however, Gorman saw that Christendom was truly faithful to the Magisterium and was transforming the lives of its students.

“Every time I was with the students, I was impressed by their level of education, and their speaking and writing abilities,” he said.

Seeing the character of the student body and the wonderful relationships between the faculty and the students, Gorman and his wife, Joan, knew that they had “come home.” They became leaders in the Christendom family, philanthropically and—in Daniel’s case—as a member of the Board of Directors in 2009.

The mission of the college impressed Gorman, but what inspired him most of all were the students of the college. Recognizing their deep faith and excellent education, Gorman found it reassuring that Christendom students would be evangelizing the world even after he was gone, leading him to include the college in his will via an estate gift.

By making an estate gift to Christendom College, friends of the college will continue, even after death, to support the academic and spiritual programs that make Christendom students and alumni such a powerful force for change in the world. A gift from a will is an ideal way to fight for Catholic truth and speak out about the values that are so close to the Heart of the Lord for years to come.

As college founder, Dr. Warren H. Carroll said: “One man can make a difference.” By joining legacies with Christendom, supporters, like Daniel Gorman, continue to make that difference well into the future.

For more information on leaving an estate gift to Christendom, please contact Glen McLeod of the Christendom College Office of Advancement at 800.877.5446 ext. 1602, or at glen.mclead@christendom.edu.

This story is taken in part from the spring edition of Instaurare, Christendom College’s quarterly. To read more or subscribe, please visit christendom.edu/news/instaurare-magazine/

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