costanzo-1Christendom College philanthropy officer David Costanzo exhorted the benefits of giving to Catholic organizations, such as Christendom, during this time of turmoil in the nation on Radio Maria this past week. Speaking with Dr. Richard Spinello on Catholic Faith and Culture, Costanzo reported on the college’s plans for continuing to thrive in today’s secular, political climate, and how listeners can help keep the mission of the college alive.

Addressing a variety of topics concerning the college, Costanzo related how he was first introduced to the college through his interactions with graduates of the school while working at the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), discovering a difference in how they conducted themselves in the workplace and socially that appealed to him.

“I was attracted to the college through seeing the results of a Christendom education in some of my co-workers at Cardinal Newman, and through other couples I met who graduated from the school,” said Costanzo, who previously served for six years with CNS. “What sets Christendom students apart…is that they are people who can look at a problem, work through it, articulate a solution, and execute it, all through the integration of prayer.”

Spinello, who teaches ethics at Boston College, praised Christendom for its “extraordinary” education, commenting on how much of a bargain its tuition costs are, especially compared to other schools. Even without federal funding, which Christendom has rejected since its founding, the college is able to keep costs lower due to generous donations and a growing endowment, according to Costanzo, thanks to donors who believe passionately in the students and mission of the college.

“People are intrigued by our Catholicism and our dedication to the faith…there are so many wonderful things that the college possesses that are a bright light and a great hope for the future, in the midst of the turmoil we see around us everyday,” said Costanzo.

When asked about the history of the college by Spinello, Costanzo touched on how Christendom was built on a foundation of Catholic truth, as championed by founder Dr. Warren H. Carroll, and how this truth can be found in the relation of each of the subjects at the school — a facet that attracts many students, particularly in today’s relativistic modern world.

“With everyone I’ve encountered at Christendom, what’s unique, to me, is I feel like they’ve found their mission and it’s life-giving to them — they’re able to give their all to this mission, and that’s beautiful. This speaks to what the wholeness of Catholic life should be,” said Costanzo.

Costanzo concluded by thanking all who give to Catholic organizations across the country, and invited listeners to prayerfully consider supporting the students and mission of Christendom College philanthropically. For more information on how to support Christendom, please visit giving.christendom.edu/

To listen to David Costanzo’s entire interview on Radio Maria, please visit radiomaria.us.

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