principlesPrinciples, the new bi-monthly periodical from Christendom College, is garnering acclaim with the publication of its second issue, which focused on the importance of a father’s presence in the household. Dr. Jeffrey Mirus of Catholic Culture wrote a glowing review of the article, which was written by Christendom philosophy professor Dr. John Cuddeback.

Looking back at the history of the family, Cuddeback points to the Industrial Revolution as the main event that has led today’s society to reject the traditional notion of the family.

As men were removed from the household for factory jobs, the change resulted in “the demise of the household as a center of production,” according to Cuddeback, leading to a preoccupation with careers that has detached the father from the family, both physically and emotionally, over time.

In his review, Mirus calls the article “excellent,” as it illuminates why society has reached today’s saturation of broken families and attempted “redefinitions” of what a family is.

“Fortunately, however, Cuddeback has a knack for offering feasible solutions to the problems he identifies. His work is rooted in the great philosophers, whom he mines with consummate ease to offer a sound analysis. Yet his writing is always clear and practical. In the best philosophical tradition, it is not for specialists. It is for all of us,” says Mirus.

Cuddeback’s article was also featured on LifeSite News earlier this week.

A free, bimonthly periodical, Principles brings together the best minds in academia in each issue,
offering a unique, scholarly perspective lacking in contemporary thinking today: one that, like Christendom, embraces John Henry Newman’s vision of a liberal education that disciplines the intellect and thus forms good members of society, who will bring sound principles to their personal, professional, and civic endeavors.

To read Dr. Cuddeback’s article, or to subscribe to Principles, please visit getprinciples.com.

To read the full review from Dr. Mirus, please visit catholicculture.org.

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