grad-school-grad-2Christendom College celebrated its Graduate School commencement on August 2, awarding ten Master of Arts in theological studies degrees, as well as two Apostolic Catechetical Diplomas, to this year’s graduates.

During the ceremony in Christendom’s Christ the King Chapel, each graduate received the academic hood, signifying his or her Masters degree, from Graduate School dean Dr. Kristin Burns, and then received his or her diploma from college executive vice president Ken Ferguson.

Graduate Nancy Rowland, a retired astronomer, delivered this year’s valedictory address, calling upon this year’s graduates to keep their spiritual lives in pace with their increased intellectual lives.

“A spiritual life that balances our theological teaching and professional life is really just another instance of the wonderful balancing act that integrates Christian life…this is not a balance that neutralizes both sides, or even seeks an equilibrium. Instead it uses the tension of the balance to better define and strengthen each side. It is the passion we hold for both sides that integrates and balances the Christian life,” said Rowland.

Rowland concluded by praising Christendom’s masters program and the teachers who taught it, who constantly kept the students in “very good hands,” no matter the difficulty of the subject matter.

“The entire program was well designed for learning the truths of the faith, and every class was well designed for learning the subject matter. Every teacher has such a depth of knowledge and faithfulness to orthodoxy…we benefited greatly from their high standards, which challenged us to do well, from their devotion to teaching us, which motivated us to learn, and from their own holiness, which inspired us. I believe they all are fine examples of the Christian balancing act and we will do well to follow their example,” said Rowland.

The ten masters of arts degrees were conferred on Sr. Katia A. Chavez, SJS, Nathaniel Jacob Doerr, Anthony Andrew Fyk, Melissa Wormser Maleski, Melissa Mary Manaker, Sr. Anna Pauline Van Pham, O.P., Paul (Khoi) Pham, Gina Marie Quintiliani, Nancy R. Rowland, and Rita Catherina Vosika Sherepa.

Advanced Apostolic Catechetical Diplomas were awarded to Paul Pham and Rita Sherepa, who was one of the very first students to enroll in the online program at Christendom.

With their advanced knowledge of the faith, each of this year’s graduates plan to take their newfound skills and evangelize to the whole world, in each of their specific vocations. Some will continue pursuing higher theological studies in the United States and Rome, while others will teach Catholic education, author and edit catechetical materials, support apostolic ministries, and assist in catechetical formation.

For more information about the Christendom Graduate School’s faithful, flexible, and affordable education, please visit christendom.edu/graduate.

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