leadership-project-1Christendom College’s career and leadership development office began many new initiatives during the 2014-15 academic year, from new on-campus internships to free GRE testing for undergraduate students. One of most impressive new ventures came from the leadership project series for sophomore and junior year students, which saw almost two hundred projects undertaken by the student body — projects that made a significant impact on campus or back in the local community.

Tied to the Education for a Lifetime Program, each student in the sophomore and junior classes was responsible for planning, coordinating, executing, and reflecting on a project that demonstrated their unique leadership capabilities.

Of the almost two hundred projects completed, many of them took place on campus. These included a student-run news commentary website, clubs focused on physical fitness, a new spring break mission trip to the Bronx, and the first philosophy thesis defense evening for the seniors.

One of the most impressive on-campus projects was the publication of The Chester-Belloc Review, an academic journal that compiles the best papers submitted to the faculty during the semester.

“The Review showcases the academic excellence that Christendom promotes in all of its pursuits, proving that the students here can write on a broad range of topics, and do so very well,” says editor-in-chief, and current junior, Sean Shanahan.

Created by Shanahan, Peter Tapsak, and Timothy Egan, with the assistance of Alexandra Skuba, Monica Burke, and Madeleine Deighan, these dynamic individuals received submissions, edited, and published the first volume of semesterly journal in the spring, giving interested readers an opportunity to experience the high quality of writing and depth of thought that is a common trait amongst Christendom students.

Outside of the campus, the students were just as active. From giving a 4-H animal education class in Arizona, speaking at an upstate New York Catholic high school about finding success in college, to founding a new pro-life organization and establishing a high school essay contest for prospective students, Christendom’s impact was felt in local communities throughout the nation.

“These leadership projects highlight the ability of our students to lead, and prove to future employers that they have the technical skills to carry out projects, which involve collaboration, foresight, and follow through,” says Greg Monroe, director of career and leadership development. “Seeing the students put their faith into action, and improve campus life and their home communities through creative initiatives is a foreshadowing of the impact they will have as graduates to change the world for the better as lights of Christ.”

For more information on these and other opportunities for career and leadership development, please contact Greg Monroe at greg.monroe@christendom.edu.

This story is taken in part from the summer edition of Instaurare, Christendom College’s quarterly magazine. To read more or subscribe, please visit christendom.edu/news/instaurare-magazine/

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