padre-pio-16-1The application window is now open for Christendom College’s 2015-16 Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition. Awarded to two eligible, incoming freshmen annually, the full-tuition scholarship competition will be held on Christendom’s Front Royal, Va. campus on February 29, 2016.

Christendom has been offering a full-tuition scholarship competition since 2011, giving select students the opportunity to receive an authentic, time-tested liberal arts education for only the cost of room and board. Each year, two scholarships are awarded to incoming students who have illustrated their academic prowess through achieving specific standardized tests scores, writing an essay on a certain topic, and meeting with a panel of Christendom faculty members.

“The education here is not for the faint of heart, but for those who aspire to greatness. Our challenging curriculum attracts students from across the country and beyond to our campus, and this competition gives us the chance to recognize the very best of these students and reward them for their academic achievements,” says director of admissions Sam Phillips.

“Each year we receive an incredibly impressive list of candidates for the competition. We anticipate a waiting list again this year, due to the sheer amount of qualified students, so we encourage any serious students to complete their applications now,” says Phillips.

padre-pio-16-2All eligible incoming students must have their application materials submitted to the college by January 15 in order to be considered for the competition on February 29.

Approximately fifty candidates apply for the competition each year, with around twenty being selected to come to campus for the competition. While not every student who meets the eligibility requirements is awarded the full-tuition scholarship, any student who meets the eligibility requirements will automatically receive an academic scholarship – either the Founder’s or President’s Scholarship.

During the competition, students will have the opportunity to sit in on classes, hear from college president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, be interviewed by a faculty panel, tour the campus, and mingle during dinner with Christendom’s esteemed faculty. Parents will also have the opportunity to hear from Dr. O’Donnell, as well as from admissions director Sam Phillips on such topics as financial aid, alumni and careers, the semester in Rome program, and much more.

To read more about the Padre Pio full-tuition scholarship competition or to apply, please visit here.

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