Admissions Director Sam Phillips addressing the youth group at St. John Cantius Parish in Chicago.

Admissions Director Sam Phillips addressing the youth group at St. John Cantius Parish in Chicago.

Last year, Christendom College’s admissions team tripled the amount of schools visited by college representatives during the year, as they sought to help prospective students across the country understand the unique nature of a Christendom education. The team is hitting the road again this year, aiming to exceed the number of schools visited last year as they expand their area of travel.

The admissions department has already visited schools, parishes, and conferences in Chicago, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Memphis, Nashville and across the Washington, D.C. area, with plans to visit Texas, New York, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and New Jersey as well in the near future.

As they expand their area of travel this year, the admissions team is increasing their outreach in four proactive ways: by presenting at high schools, being visible at conferences, reaching out to families through parishes, and mobilizing the extended Christendom family — including alumni, students’ families, and donors — to introduce the college to an area through “Meet Christendom” events hosted where they live.

These unique “Meet Christendom” events use word of mouth to create interest through a grassroots approach, as the admissions team gives funding to interested parties to hold these off­site open houses in areas they are personally not able to reach.

Providing brochures, promotional DVDs, and an event budget to help make the event more inviting, the admissions team uses these events to put a personal face to the college, helping it stand out from the plethora of other universities students must consider as high school comes to a close. By learning about the school from family friends or fellow parishioners, students feel they know the college more intimately and have a better reason to consider it.

The admissions team will be visiting countless more schools, parishes, and conferences over the coming year. If you would like to have a representative come speak to your school, parish, or community, or are interested in hosting a “Meet Christendom” event, please contact the admissions team at admissions@christendom.edu, or visit christendom.edu/admissions.

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