10KAK-1Christendom students are taking their generous spirit to the next level, with the launch of the “10,000 Acts of Kindness” outreach campaign. Organized by the college’s mission trips program, the student body, faculty, and staff are aiming to help 10,000 poor and homeless people in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and internationally on five spring break mission trips over the coming year.

After sending a record 30% of the student body on mission trips last spring, the college’s mission program director, philosophy professor Mike Brown, wanted to challenge the Christendom community to an even loftier goal this year.

The “10,000 Acts of Kindness” campaign is unprecedented in its scope and size, as it plans to send students thousands of miles domestically and internationally during times that other college students are typically on school breaks. Assistant coordinator for the mission trips program Julie Cipriano believes that this attitude separates Christendom students from the rest of the pack, making them, and the rest of the college community, more than capable of rising to this year’s task.

“Christendom students are known for their generous spirit. This year’s effort is taking that to the next level, as we’re challenging not just the student body but also the entire Christendom community to touch the lives of 10,000 souls in an unprecedented way. This is an exciting time — we hope that everyone rises up to the challenge and makes a difference like never before,” said Cipriano.

The mission trips program is looking to raise $50,000 in funds in order to buy meals and material goods for the poor and homeless, in addition to paying for travel expenses both at home and abroad. Within a month of launching the campaign, they are already well on their way to reaching this goal, with $15,570 already raised.

Christendom College has helped countless people over the years, sending students on mission trips to locations such as Nicaragua, Peru, the Dominican Republic and beyond. Entering its seventeenth year, the mission trips program has sent over eight hundred students, thirty faculty and staff, and twenty alumni across the globe in a mission of aid and evangelization.

To find out more about how to give to the “10,000 Acts of Kindness” campaign, please visit Christendom’s Crowdfunding page at youcaring.com.

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