open-house-nov-13Christendom College will welcome high school students and their families to its campus for an Open House on Friday, November 13. An exclusive look at the education and culture of Christendom, the Open House will feature talks from college president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell and the admissions team, opportunities to attend classes and learn about the unique academic program, a tour of campus, and more.

“Attending an Open House is one of the best ways to experience Christendom to its fullest,” says director of admissions Sam Phillips. “We have a unique, vibrant culture that extends from the classroom to everyday conversations at lunch, in the residence halls, and beyond. You may hear or read about this, but to truly understand it you need to come and experience it for yourself.”

The Open House will begin with a welcome address from Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, before students and their families hear from Christendom’s admissions team about the importance of a liberal arts education and the successful careers that can come from it.

Christendom’s education is one of the most appealing aspects of the college, due to its commitment to the liberal arts. As noted in many recent surveys and news articles, a liberal arts education is becoming more and more in demand, as employers look for college graduates with the soft skills to excel in the workplace.

Christendom’s emphasis on writing, communication skills, analytical thought, and critical thinking empowers its students to achieve greatness post-graduation. Gaining a broad education, with the ability to see the big picture and to become a conceptualizer, sets liberally educated Christendom students apart from their peers.

Students will have the opportunity to experience this first-class education during the Open House, as they visit various classrooms and open-house-nov-13-2see the quality of Christendom’s faculty first-hand. While students visit classrooms, parents will have the chance to learn about Christendom’s robust financial aid program as well, and discover the importance of choosing a Catholic college for their children.

Later in the day, after breaking for Mass in Christ the King Chapel, students and their families will receive a tour of Christendom’s picturesque campus, nestled in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, before hearing about Christendom’s study-abroad opportunities and participating in a Q&A session with the Sam Phillips.

Christendom’s Open House events are consistently rated highly by participants, with slots filling up fast. Register and reserve your spot for the November 13 Open House at christendom.edu/openhouse.

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