Christendom College’s early action deadline is quickly approaching for prospective students, with all applications due by December 1. early-actionApplying early for the fall of 2016 ensures that prospective students will have an answer back before Christmas, making their college decision process that much smoother.

“Choosing a college to attend is one of the most important decisions in the life of a young adult and their family. We understand this, and want to make the decision process even easier as a result, with our early action option,” says director of admissions Sam Phillips.

“By applying now, students can find out early if they are accepted. This helps them in their decision process in the long run, while also ensuring that they don’t end up on a waiting list,” said Phillips

Many applications have already been submitted, with more expected in the coming weeks. While many colleges have seen their enrollments shrink over the past three years, Christendom has seen a 21% growth in enrollment.

Students who wish to apply early to the college must send in all the parts of their application by December 1. By applying early, students have the luxury of receiving an answer back on or before December 15, giving them more time to make a decision before the deposit deadline of March 15.

In order to apply, students must complete the free, online application, and write one essay on a specific topic found on the application. Along with completing these two steps, students must send a letter of recommendation, their high schooland/or college transcripts, and their SAT or ACT scores to director of admissions Sam Phillips.

For more information on how to apply to Christendom, please visit christendom.edu/apply.

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