IMG_4815 Christendom College’s entire student body, as well as members of the faculty and staff, will march with hundreds of thousands in the 43rd annual March for Life, to be held in Washington, D.C., on January 22. All classes have been cancelled for the day, as the Christendom community prayerfully protests the evils of abortion on a national scale.

The March for Life is held on January 22 each year to commemorate the infamous U.S. Supreme Court decision decriminalizing abortion across all fifty states and enshrining the right to abortion as a Constitutional right.

Christendom has been protesting this decision at the march since the college’s founding in 1977, proudly standing as one of the only colleges in the nation to annually cancel classes for the event. Inspiring lawmakers and other attendees with their youth and pro-life spirit, Christendom’s student body has led the March for Life on four different occasions, in 1984, 1998, 2009, and 2012 — the only college to be given that honor on four different occasions.

“Our students represent the future of the pro-life movement. They know that they are survivors in the abortion holocaust, and march2015-2 because of it, they are committed to the pro-life cause. Their prayerful, and joyful, witness at the March will show the world that God is on our side in this great battle, and that He will be victorious over the evil of abortion,” says vice-president for enrollment Tom McFadden.

Christendom’s students are active in pro-life causes throughout the year, with the student-run Shield of Roses group prayerfully protesting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Maryland every Saturday morning. This past November, Shield of Roses held its fall “Mega-Shield” event, where nearly 25% of the student body protested at the abortion clinic.

In addition, students educate secular college campuses about the realities of abortion each semester, and volunteer at local pregnancy centers. Students’ generous sprit also extends to mission trips throughout the year, traveling from New York City to Nicaragua to help the poor and impoverished in countless ways.

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