seanChristendom College recently hired Sean LaRochelle as the new assistant director of operations. A former project engineer in Napa Valley, LaRochelle will work closely with the college’s operations department in managing the efficient use of its physical plant.

LaRochelle, a 2014 alumnus of Christendom, will be overseeing all in-house maintenance projects on campus and ensuring the general upkeep of all buildings. LaRochelle will also be involved in new building projects, supporting the operations department in the current construction of the new women’s residence hall.

In his new position, LaRochelle will manage all transportation for the college, ensuring the safety and efficiency of official college vehicles for use in picking up and dropping off students and visitors.

Managing a team of work-study students, LaRochelle is also integrally involved in all special events at the college, supporting the efforts of the operations team as they prepare for events such as commencement, major speaker programs, and summer programs.

Before returning to Christendom College, LaRochelle honed his customer service skills with the Walt Disney Company, which helped propel him into landing a project engineer position in his hometown of Napa, Ca. soon after. Working for GD Nielson Construction, LaRochelle helped with key civil engineering projects across the Napa Valley, including work on state roads and wineries, and handled various contracts for the company.

While a student, LaRochelle was very involved in many aspects of community life, including playing on the soccer team, serving as a resident assistant and on the senior philanthropy board, and working as a key leader in the college’s annual Christmas formal festivities.

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