flordia-missionWhile many college students spent their winter breaks relaxing, eighteen Christendom College students rejected comfort and travelled to Venice, Fl., in order to help bring fallen-away Catholics back to the Faith. A part of the college’s 10,000 Acts of Kindness Campaign, the students reached over 2,500 Florida residents during their time in the state, bringing countless souls back to Christ during the Year of Mercy.

With the sponsorship of the Legion of Mary, the students, along with staff members Fr. Stephen McGraw, Julie Cipriano, Cindy Martin and Mickey Krebs, spent the second week of January evangelizing door-to-door with the residents of Venice, inviting them to attend Mass at nearby Epiphany Cathedral if they had never been, and inviting many fallen-away Catholics to return home.

Many of the students had never evangelized door-to-door prior to the mission trip, and received valuable training from the Legion of Mary as a result. By the end of the week, the evangelization was well received by both the residents of Venice and by the student missionaries themselves, who felt an incredible personal growth that might not have occurred otherwise.

“It was definitely humbling at times, when people didn’t answer or they shut the door in your face. But, it was incredible to participate in the New Evangelization so literally. I can go home knowing that I have the ability to do this sort of thing, but also hoping that many seeds were planted in Venice this week, and that God will bring beautiful blossoms from them,” said junior Tim Cook.

Some students witnessed conversions on the spot during their travels door-to-door, while Fr. McGraw heard confessions and distributed communion to many other fallen-away Catholics.

The mission trip is the latest effort of the 10,000 Acts of Kindness Campaign to help the impoverished worldwide, whether they are materially or spiritually poor. Mission trips coordinator Julie Cipriano believes that the Florida mission trip fulfilled every Catholic’s call to participate in the Year of Mercy, while also fulfilling the charge of every Christendom student to “restore all things in Christ.”

mission-florida0julie “This mission provided Christendom students with a life-long skill, and forced them to step outside of their personal comfort zone. I believe it is fair to say that every student was amazed at the rewards that offering this gift of evangelization to others brought them. It is my hope that these students will take what they have learned on this mission, and remember to share the greatest news in their everyday lives,” said Cipriano. “We want everyone to be Catholic! What better way to “restore all things in Christ” than a personal invitation to share in the gift we have been blessed to receive.”

The 10,000 Acts of Kindness Campaign has already touched thousands of lives in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York, with over a third of the student body expected to travel abroad for the college’s annual spring break mission trip program in the coming weeks.

To contribute to the 10,000 Acts of Kindness Campaign, please visit here.

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