jski-iccChristendom College theology professor Dr. Eric Jenislawski will deliver a two part presentation on Thursday, February 16 and Thursday, February 23, at 7:30 p.m. at St. John the Apostle Church Hall in Leesburg, Va. Sponsored by the Institute of Catholic Culture, Jenislawski’s presentation is titled “Weeds of Heresy & the Early Councils of the Church.”

Jenislawski’s talk will delve into a topic still debated and discussed in the modern Church, focusing on the heretical ideas that sometimes arose in the councils of the early Church and how such ideas still impact the Church today.

Jenislawski received two B.A.s in physics and philosophy from Yale College before earning an M.A.R. in Philosophical Theology from Yale Divinity School. He earned his Ph.D in Systematic Theology from the Catholic University of America this past year. Jenislawski specializes in Biblical Hermeneutics, Historical Theology and Catholic Systematic Theology, and is active in both the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars and the American Catholic Philosophical Association.

St. John the Apostle Church Hall is located at 101 Oakcrest Manor Drive, N.E., Leesburg, Va. 20176. Admission is free and no reservation is required. For more information, please visit instituteofcatholicculture.com. Download the flyer here.

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