march-1-apps Christendom College has received a record number of applications for the 2016 fall semester, according to the latest report from the college’s admissions office. While other colleges are reporting drops in applications, Christendom is seeing a huge increase in prospective students, as more students submit their completed applications in anticipation of the March 1 regular application deadline.

The record number of applications received so far runs in stark contrast to the state of most colleges and universities today. While many are struggling to fill slots, Christendom is in the midst of a 28% increase in applications over the past few years, thanks to the ever-increasing attraction to the college’s rigorous liberal arts education and strong Catholic identity.

“We’ve seen an increasing momentum in applications over the past few years in admissions, as students from all across the country discover and are attracted to Christendom and the education we offer here,” says director of admissions Sam Phillips. “It’s an exciting, and pivotal, time to be applying to Christendom, as we lead the charge amongst Catholic institutions of higher learning, training champions of excellence to take on the culture and improve it for the better.”

Part of the reason for the sharp increase in applications comes from the record number of students visiting Christendom’s campus. The college has seen dozens of families visit during the college’s Open House events this past fall and spring, while also enrolling 60% more students in this past summer’s highly popular Experience Christendom Summer Program. This upcoming summer, the program has already received a 60% increase in applications over last year — a strong sign that interest in Christendom is continuing its steady rise, as students from new markets discover its renowned education and success in helping students achieve greatness.

With the record number of applications received and the limited number of slots available, competition for admission will be stiff and the admissions office is anticipating implementing a waiting list for applicants. Those interested in attending Christendom in the fall are encouraged to submit their completed applications by March 1.

For more information on how to apply, please visit here.

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