ecsp-record-apps The Experience Christendom Summer Program (ECSP) is seeing a record spike in applications for its 2016 summer sessions, with the college’s admissions office reporting a 28% increase in numbers over last year. The overwhelming amount of interest in the nation’s most popular, well-attended, and highly ranked pre-college summer program is resulting in sessions already being filled and waiting lists being implemented, as students rush to take part in the “best week ever.”

The ECSP breaking records is nothing new for the admissions office. The program has been seeing attendance spikes year after year for the past decade, as prospective students continue to show more and more interest in Christendom’s liberal arts education. At just $500 for the week, the program is aimed at current high school juniors who are interested in seeing whether Christendom’s rigorous and authentic Catholic liberal arts program is for them.

In 2015, Christendom’s admissions office expanded the ECSP from four to six one-week sessions in order to meet increasing demand. That change resulted in record numbers in applicants last year, and an even higher number of applicants this spring.

“We’ve really built on our successes last year, attracting international as well as domestic students to our beautiful campus. This is partly due to expanding our outreach during the academic year, attending more high schools and conferences than ever before. More than that, word of mouth has spread from past attendees who tell their friends and family about their ‘best week ever’ at Christendom,” says director of admissions Sam Phillips. “We cannot wait to meet all of the excited students that will be joining us on campus this summer.”

The 2016 Experience Christendom Summer Program will be held over six, one-week sessions in June and July, and will draw over 280 students to campus. With the record number of applications already received, some sessions already have waiting lists. Interested students are strongly encouraged to apply for the ECSP as soon as possible, in order to ensure that they can reserve their spot and have the best week of their lives this summer.

For more information on the Experience Christendom Summer Program, please visit here.

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