A Professor’s Passion for Communication

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“Good, powerful, effective communication takes skill. It takes energy. It involves every nook and cranny of our being: mind, heart, hands, stomach, spirit, emotions — all five senses — all six if you’re a woman,” said Sean-Patrick Lovett, the English Program Director for Vatican Radio and faculty member for Christendom’s St. Columcille Institute.

Lovett, who teaches a course titled “The Art of Communication in the New Evangelization” for the college’s popular three-week summer program in Ireland, is an expert in the field of communications.

Lovett, who began his work at Vatican Radio in 1977 under Pope Blessed Paul VI, serves as a consultant for the Vatican Television Centre, and is vice president of CREC (Centre de Recherche en Communication) in Lyon, France, which coordinates media and communication workshops in Africa and Asia. He has been a professor of social communications at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome since 1988, and was awarded Papal Knighthood in 2011. He received the Daniel J. Kane Communications Award in 2013, and authored a best-selling book with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Lovett is the English Program Director for Vatican Radio and was awarded Papal Knighthood in 2011.

Lovett’s passion for communication is rooted in his faith because, as he put it, “God is Communication.” Because of this, Catholics are called to share God’s message of love to all people, which is not as simple as it sounds. Being a “Communicator-4-God” requires courage, creativity, and commitment if one is to effectively reach this world which is growing more deaf to God’s salvific message.

It is for the sake of forming “Communicators-4-God” that Lovett continues to join the Institute’s faculty each summer, and he enjoys being a part of a program whose purpose is to help young Catholics become leaders in the New Evangelization.

“Aside from the incredibly high quality academic program, where else in the world is both spiritual and physical nourishment offered with such variety and abundance?” he asked. “And who knew that potatoes could be prepared in so many different ways? Or that Guinness straight out of the barrel really does taste better? And what it’s like to know you have a personal (and, most importantly, merciful) confessor on call 24 hours out of 24?”

In addition to Lovett’s workshop, there are three two-credit courses in Irish history, Irish literature, and Catholic theology, taught by Christendom professors Timothy O’Donnell, Sharon Hickson, and Brendan McGuire.

Join in the experience this summer! Earn six credits in three weeks in Ireland. Visit christendom.edu/ireland to find out more and apply to the St. Columcille Institute.

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