libraryprestige While some make plans for rest and relaxation this summer, Christendom students are lining up internships with top companies to span the break between academic years, unwilling to let any time go to waste that could be better spent preparing them for a successful future.  As always, the faculty and staff of the college worked with the students to either bring these exciting opportunities to them, or to help them secure the positions once discovered.

Rising junior Charlie McKenna will be working as an intern, assisting both the Communication and the TV departments of the Media Research Center. Based in the DC Metro area, the MRC produces original media that is often picked up by mainstream networks, and highlights stories that most journalists either overlook or do not want to handle.  Part of McKenna’s job will be making networks like Fox News or CNN aware of the media produced by the MRC, a position he is excited to begin.

Christendom College’s vice president for enrollment, Tom McFadden, played an integral role in helping McKenna present himself professionally while applying for the internship.  McKenna shared that McFadden went through many different cover letters, as well as his resume, editing them, making suggestions, and helping him revise them until they were perfect.

His Christendom background helped him do more than just craft impressive papers, however — it also helped him articulate the political ideas that informed his opinions during the interview process.  Using knowledge gained through his philosophy and political science classes, he was able to explain his opinions in an intelligent, well-reasoned fashion, which helped him secure the position.

The political science department also provided rising senior Rachel Wiener with an internship opportunity for the summer.  As part of the Politics Practica Program, Wiener was required to complete an internship in a field that complemented the course.  After speaking with political science professor Dr. Bernard Way, and working with the head of career and leadership development Greg Monroe, Wiener had the opportunity to apply for an internship with the Population Research Institute.

Rising senior Abigail Reimel is currently working an internship with

Rising senior Abigail Reimel is currently working an internship with “Inside the Vatican” magazine.

PRI works to debunk the overpopulation myth by publishing information garnered from international statistics and demographic-based research to reveal the true condition of each country and race.  Though the internship was originally described as a summer position, PRI had her start work shortly after she was offered the job.  Her experience with writing a plethora of different, researched-based papers for Christendom classes proved to be valuable training for her research-heavy internship.

Christendom’s writing-heavy curriculum also proved valuable for rising senior Abigail Reimel, who is one of two students interning for Inside the Vatican magazine through the summer.  Inside the Vatican is an international Catholic magazine that helps keep Catholics connected to the goings-on in Rome, with regular news updates on Vatican activity and commentary on the Pope’s words in context.  Reimel works as an editor for the magazine’s monthly features, pooling research for some of them and writing for others.

Rising junior Will Skuba also works for the magazine, helping with ad sales and uploading material to the expanding website.  Inside the Vatican had dreamed of starting an internship program for years, and when the opportunity arose, they immediately contacted Christendom looking for interested students.  College associate chaplain Fr. Mark Wenzinger and English professor Dr. Ben Reinhard approached Skuba and Reimel about the opportunity and, after a couple interviews, they became the company’s first interns.  Both will be continuing their work for Inside the Vatican remotely over the summer.

These internships are only a snapshot of the many opportunities Christendom College has opened up for its students, who are able to use their authentic, liberal arts education to rise to the top of every field to which they apply themselves, no matter how complex.

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