mega-shield Dozens of Christendom students sacrificed their time in between studying for finals to prayerfully protest at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Silver Spring, Md., for the semesterly “Mega-Shield” event. Sponsored by the college’s pro-life, student-run Shield of Roses group, the event drew students, faculty, and staff to Maryland to pray rosaries and offer counsel to those considering abortions, offering a powerful witness to the value of life in our troubled times.

Christendom has had a passionately pro-life student body since the founding of the college, with students leading the March for Life on four different occasions over the past 37 years — the only college to be given such an honor. The student-run Shield of Roses group has existed just as long, with students traveling to Planned Parenthood clinics near Washington, D.C., every Saturday morning to protest the evils of abortion and offer a prayerful witness to those seeking them.

While Shield of Roses usually has a smaller presence at these clinics, the group strives to make a bigger presence at them once a semester through “Mega-Shield” events, showing Planned Parenthood, and others, the pro-life generation’s stance in the right for life.

“For Planned Parenthood, I think that seeing such a large group of young men and women boldly and peacefully standing for life is huge. It shows our generation cares about these issues and we’re willing to stand up for our beliefs, for truth,” said sophomore Mary Schneider, who is one of the leaders of Shield of Roses.

“’Mega-Shield’ has a huge impact on the students at Christendom. Sometimes we get so busy here on campus that it’s easy to forget the very real problems Catholics have to deal with in the world. ‘Mega-Shield’ can be that wake-up call for us to realize our role as warriors in the fight for life, and as disciples restoring all things in Christ,” said Schneider.

The Shield of Roses group’s prayerful witness and counsel has helped to save countless lives over nearly forty years. For decades, the group protested at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Washington, D.C., which was recently demolished — leaving one less location for children to be murdered in the District of Columbia.

To learn more about Shield of Roses, please watch this video here.

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