tod-seattle-1 Christendom College president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell gave an exclusive interview to Seattle’s Sound Insight radio show this past week, discussing the importance of Catholic education and the family in the modern day. Speaking with Dr. Tom Curran on the show, O’Donnell spoke at length on the problems facing families today, especially in regard to college, and how a return to the concept of the “domestic Church” can help families grow stronger, and help civilization grow stronger in the process.

O’Donnell gave the interview in anticipation of his visit to Seattle later this month on May 22, when he will be giving a talk titled “The Importance of Catholic Education and the Family: The Church’s View” at Emerald Heights Academy.

On Sound Insight, O’Donnell expounded upon the topic of his upcoming talk, explaining the need to bring back the notion of the “domestic Church” amongst families today, in order to combat the growing secularization of culture and higher education.

“The whole idea of the family as a domestic Church is this idea that the family should be a place where the children and the parents come together in the home and pray together. This puts you in contact with the supernatural, with the Lord. It’s very important for children to see the family, especially the parents, praying together. Prayer is the lifeblood of the domestic church,” said O’Donnell. “The notion of the family as a domestic Church is crucial for our times. Vatican II, and all of the subsequent popes, talked about it. This is one of the great answers to secularization of the culture we’re seeing now. Strong families lead to strong civilizations, strong societies, and a strong culture.”

For Sound Insight host Tom Curran, the education that begins in the household should flow and be supplemented by the education experienced at college — a concept that with which O’Donnell agrees — and not be continuously undermined by today’s relativistic, secular culture. At places like Christendom College, the traditions of a classical, Catholic, liberal arts education still live on however, with the aim of strengthening the foundation made in the family, in order to prepare students to go out and impact the culture in a positive way.

“The Christendom education is meant to reinforce the foundation laid at the home. So many times, when young people go off to colleges, there is this deconstruction of what was taught by the family. The whole idea of coming to a place where everyone knows you by name, that was focused on strengthening the foundation that had already been taught in the home, and try and build upon that, is very appealing,” said O’Donnell. “Traditionally, this was what Catholic education was all about — working in harmony with what was taught in home. This is something that we’ve been doing at Christendom for nearly forty years — strengthening people in their faith, giving them a great education, that they can go out and be successful as believing, committed Roman Catholics, so they can have an impact on society and change the culture.”

To listen to the entirety of O’Donnell’s interview, please visit here.

For more information on O’Donnell’s visit to Seattle on May 22, and to RSVP for the event, please visit here.

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