rensch-priestWith his ordination this Saturday, June 18, Deacon Matthew Rensch (’11) will become the 79th alumnus priest to come out of Christendom College since 1977. Deacon Rensch’s ordination comes on the heels of three other alumni ordinations already this summer, in addition to alumna Sr. Mary Mercy (Robyn Lee, ’02) joining the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist.

Deacon Rensch earned his B.A. in philosophy from Christendom, where he also served as a summer program counselor for the Experience Christendom Summer Program and as the head resident assistant at the college. Since graduation, Deacon Rensch has been studying for the priesthood at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, where he also taught philosophy for Christendom’s Junior Semester in Rome Program.

On Saturday, Deacon Rensch will reach the culmination of his journey towards the priesthood, with his ordination occurring at St. Joseph Co-Cathedral in Burlington, Vt., at 10:00 a.m. Once ordained, Deacon Rensch will remain in the Diocese of Burlington as a diocesan priest.

lee-robyn-nunJoining Deacon Rensch in fulfilling a vocation to the religious life this summer is alumna Sr. Mary Mercy (Robyn Lee), who was received into the novitiate of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist on May 29. Before discerning her vocation to the religious life, Sr. Mary Mercy worked in numerous editing, writing, and marketing fields, including as the managing editor of the Catholic Digest, the marketing coordinator for the National Catholic Register, and as the editor of the CatholicMatch Institute’s blog, Faith, Hope, & Love, offering helpful dating advice to fellow single Catholics.

During her time with CatholicMatch, Sr. Mary Mercy discovered her call not to the married life but to the religious one, leading to her recent acceptance to the novitiate. With her acceptance, Sr. Mary Mercy became the 49th alumna sister to come out of Christendom.

To see the full list of all the many religious vocations that have been fostered at Christendom, please click here.

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