catholic-culture-oneChristendom’s incoming freshman Class of 2020 is eagerly preparing to join the college family this fall, gathering the necessary books for classes and connecting with classmates early before coming to campus. While they each have different backgrounds and come from different places across the United States and beyond, they are all are drawn to Christendom for a specific purpose: to gain an education that will enable them to become the strong, faithful Catholics that the world so desperately needs.

Christendom has been giving students the skills to become great leaders in the Church and society for nearly forty years — a characteristic that attracted Carlos Pardo from the very beginning. A native of Mexico City, Mexico, Pardo first discovered Christendom during the Experience Christendom Summer Program. The counselors, professors, and classmates he met during his session impacted Pardo in a significant way, and convinced him that Christendom was his number one choice for college.

Carlos Pardo

Carlos Pardo

“Attending the Christendom summer program was one of the best experiences of my life. At Christendom, I was surprised to find so many young people, joyful and sincere in the practice of the Catholic faith. In spite of coming from another country, I felt at home,” says Pardo.

In Mexico City, Pardo keeps himself busy with classes at the Universidad Panamericana Preparatoria, along with playing varsity soccer for the Spanish Center in Mexico City. Pardo did missionary work during Passion Week in Mexico City five years in a row as well, and hopes to bring that attitude of mission to his life at Christendom College, and come out with the ability to better impact his country as a result.

“I am sure that, when I go back to my country, I will have a lot of American friends, and will be ready to become a good citizen, and especially a good Christian and defender of the Faith,” says Pardo.

Theresa Crnkovich

Theresa Crnkovich

McLean, Va., native Theresa Crnkovich is no stranger to Christendom; her sister, Lizzie, and brother, Robert, both graduated from the college, and her father was on the college’s Board of Directors for over a decade. By growing up around Christendom, Crnkovich grew to love the school — a love that grew even more at the Experience Christendom Summer Program. Crnkovich returned to campus as a finalist in the Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition earlier this year, and cannot wait to return to campus and continue her journey this fall.

“Christendom has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was little, I have wanted to go. [The college] excels academically, spiritually, and socially — I already know many of the professors, and am aware that they are brilliant and good at what they do. All the classes are infused with the Catholic Faith and they teach the truth,” says Crnkovich.

During high school, Crnkovich was busy with a variety of activities, including teaching CCD classes for the past two years. Crnkovich has a passion for song and dance as well, having sung in her parish and school choirs and participated in Irish dancing — skills that will serve her well when she arrives at Christendom this fall.

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