ecsp-recap-1With its eighteenth summer now complete, the 2016 Experience Christendom Summer Program (ECSP) proved itself to be more popular than ever before, attracting a record-setting 276 participants to campus during the months of June and July. The “best week ever” lived up to its reputation once again, with the participants from all six sessions giving rave reviews, making 2016 both the most popular and the most acclaimed summer for the ECSP yet.

“This summer we had the largest attendance in the 18 year history of our summer program. That is a real testament to the increasing popularity of this program, and its lasting effect on all those who participate,” says director of admissions Sam Phillips. “We anticipated this being the most well-attended summer yet, but the overwhelmingly positive response we received from the participants exceeded even our own expectations. We welcomed students from many alumni families this year, as well as students from families and high schools previously unassociated with Christendom. We even drew some international students, with six participants traveling from Argentina. No matter where they were from or what their background was, they all loved the experience, and we hope to welcome them back in the near future.”

Students traveled far and wide to attend the program this year, with all of them experiencing an authentic taste of what life is like at Christendom, both in and outside the classroom.  When asked what experience impacted them the most, most of the students agreed: they left with a greater appreciation for Christendom’s time-tested liberal arts education, particularly as taught by Christendom’s faculty.

ecsp-recap-2Marketed as the most popular, well-attended, and highly ranked pre-college summer program of its kind, the ECSP generally lives up to the hype, and often exceeds it.

“The academics were simply inspiring. I believed that lectures were ‘not my thing’ until I listened to Dr. McGuire. Dr. DeFrancis convinced me to become a theology major in about thirty minutes, and the beautiful thoughts and thinking that came from Dr. Cuddeback’s class almost brought me to tears. My favorite aspect, a common theme throughout all the classes, was that God was in each of them and was connected to everything we learned. I think Christendom is a place anyone would be lucky to call home,” said Hannah Eshelman of Alexandria, Va.

Like Eshelman, Andrew Book of Riverside, Ca., was particularly taken with the classes — enough to make Christendom now his number one choice for college.

ecsp-recap-3“I found all of the classes extremely engaging and never lost interest in any of them. I also loved the culture at the school and now believe that it is the best place for me to grow in virtue and become a truly great man. Thanks to the summer program, Christendom has become my first choice, and I’ll be able to apply to a school I love rather than one that I would just be attending simply for the scholarship,” said Andrew Book of Riverside, Ca.

Throughout the six sessions, the participants consistently rated the program highly on a scale of 1 to 5, along with attesting to its reputation as the “best week ever.” In the final session of the summer, the participants gave an overall rating of 4.89 out of five to the program — an incredible note to end the summer on, and one that Joan Johnson of Kenai, Alaska, believes might even be too low.

“After attending this program, I can only say that the description ‘The Best Week Ever’ is an understatement. However, I am not sure how else to describe it, other than simply saying that it was the most wonderful experience I have had to date — and is likely to remain so for some time,” concluded Joan.

To view pictures from all six sessions of this year’s Experience Christendom Summer Program, please visit here.

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