cuddeback-icc-2016-sept-1Philosophy Professor and Department Chair Dr. John Cuddeback will give a public lecture on man’s obsession with technology and how it can be overcome in Christ this Sunday, October 2, at 6:00 p.m. Sponsored by the Institute of Catholic Culture, the talk, titled “Tied to Technology?” will be given at St. Agnes Church Hall, located at 1910 North Randolph Street, Arlington, Va.

With the near-constant releases of the “latest and greatest” in cell phones, computers, and more, mankind is increasingly becoming tied to technological devices that cut them off from community, culture, and Christ. Cuddeback will discuss this problem and how it can be addressed in his lecture, examining what Pope Francis calls the “technocratic paradigm” and offering a diagnosis with concrete steps on how to address this problem of our times.

Cuddeback, who earned his B.A. from Christendom College and a Ph.D. in philosophy from The Catholic University of America, has been teaching at Christendom since 1997. He is a popular writer and lecturer on various topics including virtue, culture, natural law, contemplation, and friendship.

He is the author of the acclaimed work True Friendship: When Virtue Becomes Happiness, and is also the co-author of a biology textbook, Nature’s Beautiful Order: An Introduction to the Study of Animals Taught by Classical Naturalists, published by Memoria Press. Cuddeback has a blog, BaconFromAcorns.com, which is dedicated to the philosophy of household and the good life.

Admission is free for the lecture, and no reservation is required. Dinner will be included, with the lecture beginning at 7:00 p.m. For more information, please visit instituteofcatholicculture.org.

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