full-tuition-2016-1The application window is now open for Christendom College’s full-tuition scholarship offerings for the fall of 2017. With two avenues available this year, both to national merit scholarship finalists and to Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship finalists, eligible students have a greater opportunity than ever to experience Christendom’s education for only the cost of room and board.

“Christendom College has been attracting the best and brightest students in America since its founding, and we want to reward those who truly stand out from the pack. College is an expensive venture, but we want to make the possibility of attending Christendom that much easier for those students who apply themselves and show themselves deserving of a full-tuition scholarship to the college,” says director of admissions Sam Phillips.

For several years, Christendom has offered the Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition, which has rewarded the two best, eligible students with a full-tuition scholarship to the college. Christendom will offer that opportunity again for the fall of 2017, but is now offering a second avenue as well to national merit scholarship Finalists.

“Becoming a national merit scholarship finalist is a remarkable achievement, and the college wants to reward these high performing students by offering up to five full tuition scholarships to freshmen who are named national merit scholarship finalists this year. If you are currently a national merit semi-finalist, be sure to apply to Christendom this fall, and should you be named a finalist in the spring, send in a copy of your national merit finalist notification and you will receive a full-tuition here at Christendom,” says Phillips.

full-tuition-2016-2In addition to this new avenue, the college will again offer its popular Padre Pio Full Tuition Scholarship Competition this coming spring. Christendom has been offering the competition since 2011, giving select students the opportunity to receive an authentic, time-tested liberal arts education for only the cost of room and board. Each year, two scholarships are awarded to incoming students who have illustrated their academic prowess through achieving specific standardized tests scores, writing an essay on a certain topic, and meeting with a panel of Christendom faculty members.

Those who are eligible and selected to participate in the competition will be invited to come to Christendom’s campus on Monday, February 27 for the competition. While on campus, finalists will also have the chance to meet faculty members from the different departments and hear presentations on the specific academic, spiritual, athletic, cultural, and leadership opportunities at the college.

Approximately fifty candidates apply for the competition each year, with around eighteen being selected to come to campus for the competition. While not every student who meets the eligibility requirements is awarded the full-tuition scholarship, any student who meets the eligibility requirements will automatically receive an academic scholarship – either the Founder’s or President’s Scholarship.

To read more about the Padre Pio full-tuition scholarship competition or to apply, please click here. If you have any further questions about either of the college’s two full-tutiion scholarship offerings, please contact the admissions team at admissions@christendom.edu

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