Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinic in Silver Spring, Md., closed its doors this past week after losing its lease due to continued protests from pro-life activists. Christendom College’s student-run Shield of Roses pro-life group were among these activists, showing up to prayerfully protest and counsel women at the clinic every Saturday morning for the past year.

The Planned Parenthood clinic had been protested by Christendom’s Shield of Roses group for over a year.

This marks the second Planned Parenthood clinic prayerfully protested by Shield of Roses that has closed down.  Last March, the abortion clinic on 16th Street in Washington, D.C., was razed to the ground. Shield of Roses visited that clinic every Saturday morning for years, in hopes of such an event occurring.

“It’s encouraging to see that our prayerful protests are truly making a difference, not only in impacting individual lives but in stopping the services of an abortion provider,” says Henry Love, who leads Shield of Roses. “We will now be moving our protests to a clinic in Falls Church, Va., with hopes that we can achieve the same result. It’s important that young people continue to make these protests no matter what, and this will continue until abortion is outlawed in this country.”

The Silver Spring clinic experienced a pro-life campaign last summer called “Abortion is Bad Business,” where protesters went directly to Peel Properties, who owned the building in which the Planned Parenthood leased its abortion office, and told them that protesters would continue coming to the building until Planned Parenthood left. In October, it was announced that Planned Parenthood would be losing its lease.

Shield of Roses prayed outside of the clinic for the last time this past Saturday. They will begin protesting at a clinic in Falls Church, Va. this coming Saturday.

Shield of Roses is Christendom’s oldest student-run organization, founded in the first year of the college’s existence in 1977 and is credited with saving the lives of many unborn babies.

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