Choosing between studying the time-tested liberal arts or following her passion for theater was something that Christendom College senior Madeleine Trull did not want to have to do. After spending a year at a Catholic college in the Mid-West, she decided to transfer to Christendom where she knew she could get the best possible education while still following her dreams of directing and acting on stage.

Trull is passionate about the liberal arts and theater. At Christendom, she was able to excel at both.

In high school, Trull performed in the cast of over 30 shows, loving the thrill and camaraderie of live performance. When she transferred to Christendom her sophomore year, she was excited to learn that she could still take part in the theater program, even though the college did not offer a degree in it. While other colleges only allow those studying for a theater degree to perform in shows, Trull found that anyone could try out for a role at Christendom — a feature that allowed her to continue studying her academic passion for political science and the liberal arts.

“Theater and the Liberal Arts really go hand in hand. While I’m studying the nature of friendship and love or reading the great books in the classroom I have the ability to bring those same concepts and stories to life onstage through Christendom’s theatre group,” says Trull. “Theater actualizes the theories taught in the classroom in a tangible way that allows students to consider them with a new perspective on a deeper level.”

Thanks to this flexibility, Trull was able to realize a new stage dream: directing a play. In the fall of 2016, Trull was given the opportunity to direct the college’s performance of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.”  Trull’s directorial debut and deep insights proved to be real crowd pleasers. She followed up “The Crucible” with another directing gig, taking on the college’s Mystery Dinner Theater this semester. Trull’s sure hand proved to be a perfect fit again, with the comedic whodunit “Who Killed the Registrar?” causing many laughs during its two performances.

Trull plans to continue taking her passion for theater into her next career, and believes her time at Christendom has provided her with the confidence needed for success, thanks to the directing opportunities, the excellent education, and the inspiring culture of the college.

“Christendom’s theater program is special because it fosters student initiative. In a way, we’re all amateurs desiring to put on the best play possible. We challenge and are challenged by each other to strive for excellence in the fine arts. The possibility of an undergrad to act in, let alone, direct numerous shows is simply unreal. Christendom provides theatrical opportunities that require you to stretch yourself as a leader and a person. The lessons I’ve learned here as a director I will take with me into the next stage of my career,” concludes Trull.

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