Nick Wenzel has a knack for business. A history major at Christendom College, he co-founded Royal Swords Fencing, a competitive fencing organization, while still in high school, and successfully managed it through college. With only days left before his graduation on May 13, Wenzel is planning on taking that knack to the next level at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, as a part of its competitive, 10 month accelerated master’s program.

“Business management has always been a particular interest for me because of the opportunities that particular field offers for leadership and innovation,” says Wenzel. “Christendom’s undergraduate program has done a remarkable job of setting me up for future success at the graduate level, equipping me with the necessary confidence and skills to succeed, no matter where I go or how hard the challenge.”

Wenzel has had a knack for business for years. Now, with graduation imminent, he’s taking his soft skills learned at Christendom to Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

While Wenzel was fascinated by business in high school, he decided to go the liberal arts route for his undergraduate degree rather than obtain a business degree. This decision continues to be one of the best of Wenzel’s life, as Christendom’s core curriculum of philosophy, theology, history, political science, mathematics, and literature helped him to gain a broader knowledge of the world and hone soft skills, such as critical thinking, communication, and leadership that he believes will give him an edge in the business world. According to recent articles in Forbes on this very subject, he could not be more correct.

“Over the past few years, I have received many questions, both from anxious family members and from concerned potential employers, concerning the marketability of my liberal arts degree in the field of business. In answer to such queries, I am confident that the skills I have received from Christendom have and will continue to provide the broad basis for any venture I undertake in business. Excellent leadership and innovation are driven by the soft skills taught at Christendom College, an institution I am certain helped to set me apart from the crowd and to whom I credit my success thus far in the business world,” concludes Wenzel.

Since high school, Wenzel has helped found and manage a successful fencing organization.

Wenzel will begin intensively studying for his Master’s in business management at Duke this fall. After earning his degree, Wenzel plans on securing a job in management consulting, where he will use his love and knowledge of business to help others find success. “One man can make a difference” was a phrase that Christendom founder Dr. Warren Carroll famously uttered over and over again. In the case of Wenzel, he’s well on his way to being that man in the business world.

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