Grace Mooney visited Christendom as a high school junior. She then attended the Experience Christendom Summer Program, and loved it. She came back in her senior year to participate in the Padre Pio Full-Tuition Scholarship Competition, and then one last time in March of her senior year.  She liked what she saw and experienced at Christendom, but she was being drawn to a more local college.

She had excellent grades and could have gone almost anywhere. So the decision was a tough one – in fact, the toughest of her life, to that point. After winning the full-tuition scholarship competition, Mooney decided to give Christendom a try, and has never looked back.

Mooney was originally drawn to a more local college in South Carolina. After many trips to Christendom, however, she was sold on its liberal arts education.

“To be able to attend a Catholic liberal arts college with the academic reputation that Christendom enjoys was just too much to pass up,” she says. “Through all of my many on-campus visit experiences, I’d seen the caliber of the professors, and I knew that they were going to be more than just my teachers, but rather, men and women of intellect and virtue who I would end up calling my friends and mentors.”

Mooney arrived at Christendom in the fall of 2013 and, although putting her academic life at the forefront of her schedule, she immediately jumped into a variety of the many extra-curricular opportunities that Christendom offers. Over the course of her four years, Mooney worked as a stage manager for the Christendom Players’ theatrical productions, as an admissions ambassador, a resident assistant, the Rome Reporter for “The Chronicler,” a student mentor, a member of the Cincinnatus League, and finally as the college’s head female resident assistant. All this while retaining excellent grades.

On top of that, she has been able to have some stellar summer internships, working with Senator Lindsay Graham’s office and the Heritage Foundation, and has been able to take part in Christendom’s abroad programs in Ireland, Rome, and on mission trips

“I never expected to have such a diverse set of opportunities at one college — particularly one with under 500 students. Those assumptions, in retrospect, were pretty naïve. I got to do more here than I believe I could have at a much bigger school, and I received an incredible education as well,” says Mooney, who is double majoring in history and philosophy.

Following graduation, Mooney will take her academic drive into her future at Deloitte, a leading business firm, as a business analyst.

All of these experiences, and her education, shaped Mooney into even more of the intelligent, driven person that she is today, who is lined up for success after graduation with a position as a business analyst waiting for her at Deloitte, a leading business firm.

“I worked incredibly hard to get this job, treating the application really like another course. I prepared for it with the help of academic success coach Maribeth Kelly and director of Career Development, Colleen Harmon, and I managed to land the position. I truly believe that my experiences and education at Christendom gave me the skills and confidence to achieve this goal of mine, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it,” concludes Mooney.

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