Marketing continues to be one of the most popular — and lucrative — careers for college graduates. Many are tuned in to marketing techniques, thanks to the rise of social media, but few develop the creative knack to truly stand out in the ever-saturated field. Rising junior Mary Katherine Mooney is one of those few who is quickly rising through the marketing ranks before even leaving college, with a top marketing internship lined up for this summer — thanks in part to her prior experience in marketing for Christendom College.

Mooney entered Christendom in the fall of 2015 and had broad aspirations for her future career, reflected by her loves of photography, foreign study, and more. She believed that the college’s liberal arts curriculum and its ability to help her grow in critical thinking and communication skills would suit her for any career. Within a semester, her skills as a photographer landed her a position in the college’s marketing office, with her pictures quickly and often featured in the college’s many marketing materials. Over the course of the next year, Mooney honed her skills and discovered a real appreciation for marketing, especially its flexibility and ever-changing nature. Soon enough, she saw marketing as more than just a job at the college but a real possibility for her future career.

Mooney has carried a love of photography with her for years. Now, she’s using her talent for it, combined with her college education, to achieve great success.

“I love the vibrant, fast-paced element of the marketing field, which requires energized creativity in order to keep up with competitors,” says Mooney. “Working in Christendom’s Marketing Office was the first time I seriously considered making a career out of my love of photography, videography, and layout design.  In the office, I was challenged by my work as I compiled photos for the six events I shot every week and was really pleased with the progress I made in both flash and sports photography.  This progress, and the critical thinking and problem solving skills I was learning in the classroom, gave me the confidence and creativity to step off campus with my camera.”

By the spring of her sophomore year, Mooney landed a position as a photographer for Enable Design, a marketing firm in Front Royal, Virginia. In this position, she has been able to further delve into marketing, taking pictures for clients’ websites and helping to develop their social media marketing as well. With even more experience under her belt, Mooney recently competed for and secured the SHINE Marketing Development Services internship at Deloitte, one of the leading professional services organizations in the U.S. While there this summer, she will work directly with a marketing team on a variety of projects, as well as take part in national trainings, networking events, and more, gaining an invaluable amount of experience at a large company that can help her future career.

Mooney will spend her summer at Deloitte, one of the leading professional services organizations in the U.S., after securing their SHINE Marketing Development Services internship.

“I have no doubt that the rhetorical skills fostered in my classes at Christendom are the reason for much of this success. In interviews, I was able to discuss why my philosophy major would be an asset in the marketing field. Within the next month, I’m looking forward to starting as a SHINE intern with Deloitte and the launch of my photography website. Working in Christendom’s Marketing Office is really where my passion for marketing first solidified and my integrated education at Christendom has given me the tools to do something about it,” concludes Mooney.

The world needs talented marketers who can think outside the box to promote services that improve the lives of others. Thanks to her tremendous amount of skill, a background in marketing at Christendom, and a drive to restore all things in Christ, Mooney is well on her way to career success.

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