It goes without saying that today’s youth need great teachers, now more than ever. With confusion running rampant in school curriculums and classrooms, parents are understandably apprehensive about sending their children to schools nowadays, for fear of everything they have taught them being untaught in the classroom. Thankfully for them, Christendom’s class of 2017 is sending seven new teachers out into the education world this coming fall, including Kate Lagarde — a philosophy major turned humanities teacher who’s ready to help today’s youth become the leaders of tomorrow that we desperately need.

Lagarde was an intellectual powerhouse at Christendom. The salutatorian of her class along with her sister, Margaret Mary, Lagarde excelled at the top of her classes throughout her four years at Christendom. Along with her coursework, Lagarde also was a member of the college’s choir as the alto section leader, with her beautiful voice filling Christ the King Chapel on a daily basis.

Lagarde was salutatorian for her class, along with her sister, Margaret Mary — a first in the history of the college.

Thanks to her liberal arts background, she had a variety of career paths from which to choose, but she saw education as an area in sore need of aid. With her strong education and background, Lagarde competed for a position at Veritas Preparatory School, a private, Catholic school offering a classical curriculum designed to help students reach their full potential. After a lengthy interview process, Lagarde won a position for this coming fall — one she is eager to undertake there.

“I love the humble openness to the truth that is characteristic of children — even in a fallen world — and it is terrible to think of schools where this openness is being filled with lies, such as today’s lies about marriage and the family,” says Lagarde. “I want to help students to know and love the truth, and ultimately, to come to Christ. Besides the intellectual formation I’ve received at Christendom, I have the example of our wonderful professors. Their faith, selflessness, and tireless dedication to teaching and mentoring their students is incredible, and I hope that in my new role as teacher I will be able to follow their example.”

Lagarde will be teaching at Veritas Preparatory School — a classical school in Williamsburg, VA, that operates in the tradition of the Catholic faith.

When Lagarde arrives at Veritas in Williamsburg, Virginia, she will take her background in education and music to teach Latin, theology, and music to students from 6-12th grade — one of the most crucial educational periods in the life of a youth. She will work towards helping students reach their potential in tandem with the headmaster of the school, Louis Massett, who is also a graduate of Christendom College.

With Lagarde and other members of her class entering the sphere of education, there is hope again for what is being taught in the classroom to truly be great again, as these young men and women bring a liberal arts background oriented towards Christ into the lives of today’s youth.

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