The sound of bagpipes is unmistakable. Whether in movies, TV shows, or around an Irish Pub, the distinctly European blare of the bagpipes causes a festive vibe on any occasion. Competitive bagpiper and incoming freshman Jacob Altmanshofer certainly agrees, and he is eager to bring his talents to the myriad of events at Christendom College this coming fall, while also seeking to answer life’s biggest questions through what he believes is the best collegiate education in the nation.

Altmanshofer first discovered Christendom thanks to his youth minister, a Christendom alumna. He was impressed by her knowledge and leadership expertise, and was eager to discover more about the education. When he found out that the college offered a classical liberal arts education, similar to what he was already learning at St. Monica Academy and Kolbe Academy, he was sold. After a visit to the campus this past September for an Open House, Altmanshofer applied to Christendom.

Altmanshofer is eager to seek out the truth at Christendom — and play his bagpipes in his free time.

“Christendom’s academic curriculum looks to be the best education anyone in search of higher learning can find,” says Altmanshofer. “This system of learning is a tradition passed down from the great scholars of the past to today’s youth and continues to provide these students with one of the most basic, though valuable, skills: the ability to think. To think about what? The Truth, and how to arrive at and defend it.”

Altmanshofer will certainly be an asset in the classroom, as he brings his love of learning (and his Magna Cum Laude high school education) to a campus that thrives on that passion. But his other talents will contribute to the greater culture of campus as well. Altmanshofer has been competitively bagpiping for years, and has placed first overall in numerous competitions. Christendom’s campus is quite familiar with the sound of bagpipes filling the air, whether at rugby games, before commencement, and on St. Patrick’s Day, so his talents will be a welcome addition to this musical tradition.

When he’s not studying or bagpiping, Altmanshofer has also shown a love for volunteer service. He has already logged 300 such hours to date, serving on his Diocesan Youth Advisory Council, as a teacher’s assistant, as a zoo and aquarium docent, and as a docent at the Greensboro Science Center.

Altmanshofer has been competitively bagpiping for years, and has placed first overall in numerous competitions.

Studying the liberal arts is not for everyone, but for those who are desiring greatness in their lives, it’s the perfect choice. Altmanshofer has shown that desire throughout his life thus far, and is eager to bring that passion to Christendom.

“I believe that my time at Christendom, coupled with the academic rigor, the rich faith life, and the Christ-centered atmosphere will allow me to become the man that God created me to be. I look forward to putting the skills and knowledge I will gain at Christendom into practice to make an impact on our society,” concludes Altmanshofer.

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